Site Selection Assistance

Whether your company retains professional site selectors, professional real estate agents or elects to conduct the search in-house, our Alliance knows the value of your time. Willingness to listen to your needs, coupled with advance research that eliminates unproductive site visits, are the keys to a rewarding site selection experience.  We know that every expanding venture is rightfully looking for incentives from both the State and local levels: our job is to ensure that we offer accurate programs that are applicable to your industry, your employment base and the specific location your are considering.  We'll also furnish correct information about Walton County's workforce demographics, acknowledge any gaps that may exist for your line of business and concentrate on putting workforce training in place that will fulfill any such shortfalls in a time frame that suits your project.

In Walton County, working with your site selection team is truly a collaborative effort, with contributions where needed from County and local governments, education and workforce entities and our utility partners.  Our Economic Development Alliance will also make business and community leaders available to assist your management in relevant areas affecting your potential relocation.