Industries & Employers

The Walton County business community is diverse and expanding.  Given the drawing power of the Emerald Coast beaches, the tourism and hospitality industry leads the County's major employment 23.4 per cent of the workforce.

Please visit the Walton County Tourist Development Council, as they are an industry leader when it comes to attracting the right type of tourist:
Walton County TDC
Trade, transportation & utilities hold second place at 20.3 per cent, while construction is third at 10.0 per cent. Education, health care services and public administration round out the top five components.              

Here is a breakdown of Walton County's employment profile (2011 numbers):

Average annual employment                            19,058
Construction                                                             10.0%
Manufacturing                                                         2.4%
Trade, transportation & utilities                        20.3%
Information technology                                       0.6%
Financial services                                                   5.4%
Professional services                                            7.6%
Education & health services                                 9.7%
Tourism & hospitality                                             23.4%      
Public administration                                            9.6%
Miscellaneous services                                        4.2%

Major Private Sector Employers (2011)

Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort                    Tourism                                                              822
Hilton Sandestin                                                 Tourism                                                              575
Resort Quest (Wyndham)                               Tourism                                                              510
Sacred Heart Medical Center                        Health Care                                                      508
Publix Super Markets                                        Retail                                                                  410
Wal-Mart                                                                Retail                                                                   280
Watercolor Inn                                                    Tourism                                                               275
Healthmark Reg. Medical Center                Tourism                                                              175
Professional Products                                    Specialized Manufacturing                         170
Florida Transformer                                        Specialized Manufacturing                         150

In addition to private firms above, the public sector provides a significant number of local jobs with city and county governments, as well as the Walton County School District.