Walton County benefits from a well-educated labor pool, with a strong work ethic derived from the county's agricultural, trade and military heritage.  

Recently retired military personnel from the seven bases in our region have a strong likelihood of remaining in the area thanks to the exceptional beaches, favorable climate and overall quality of life.  They represent a highly trained and driven segment of the workforce with intimate knowledge of key industries such as aviation and manufacturing.  Military retirees usually have decades of productive service ahead of them, and are keen to enter and contribute to the private sector workforce.  

As the regional business base fluctuates and Walton County attracts investment in new fields such as logistics and aviation, our educational and training apparatus is ready: the resources of the Workforce Development Board/Jobs Plus, Northwest Florida State College and the Walton Career Development Center are geared to furnish a trained labor force to employers as they set up operations.  

The Walton County EDA has teamed up with our counterparts in four other Panhandle counties to pursue investment from suppliers and components manufacturers serving Airbus Industry and its new assembly line slated for 2015 completion in Mobile.  As we tout Mossy Head and other properties along the I-10 corridor, we are already gearing up with our Workforce Development Board to get training programs in place for the various technical skills that will be required.  When the aviation and aerospace players arrive, our labor pool will be ready!